About Us

About Us

Ivai Corporation LLC S.p

IVAI Corporation LLC S.P was established in 2007 and has grownup in to a major supplier of architectural steel and aluminum products throughout the Emirates. Our fabrication unit is located in industrial area 17, Sharjah -UAE. As a professionally managed organization, we carry out Industrial steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium & Glass fabrication & Erection projects all over UAE..

IVAI Corporation LLC S.P has assigned qualified and well-experienced expertise to ensure the successful results of our projects. Our intention to build up sound business relation with our clients on the basis of reliable execution of projects within the specified schedule.

Customized And Integrated Solutions

We currently have a strong team of 30 skilled performers, including experienced managers, qualified structure designers, efficient engineers, trained draftsmen and skilled technicians who have a proven track record. We have combined skills and experience of our people designers, engineers, fabricators and installers in to cohesive smooth functioning teams guided by expert task masters. We take an engineering approach to every job, instituting systems and technology that ensure quality and cost efficiency. Attention to co-ordination, control and scheduling helps to minimize waste and maximize output.

Safety Statement

“Safety is the first priority” and no compromise with safety, that is our company policy. Company safety department has developed and in-house “safety manual” which describes the essential safety practices to be followed by every company individual. It is his direct responsibility to develop new safety standards and implementation of safety practices among the company people. Implementation of safety practices is also the responsibility of every individual working in the company. Following the good safety practices creates safe working environments. Hazard identification will be prepared, reviewed and approved prior to commencing any activity.

It is mandatory that all the employees working in the company must be attend a “safety awareness course” which conducted by the company safety department. Safety inspection will be conducted for every equipment and machinery and it can be put in service only after obtaining the approval.

Quality Statement

IVAI Corporation LLC S.P strives to achieve enhanced satisfaction by delivering quality products and services which delights our customer, we aim to achieve Manifold growth that takes on community environmental responsibility, and we as a company make a significant contribution.

Our Clients

IVAI Corporation build’s not just business relationship but really a long-lasting partnership with clientele by working close to truly understand their unique business needs enable us to deliver customised solutions to meet their long-term business goals.
We nurture every client relationship with commitment, passion and integrity, the reason behind our clients Commitment.

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